Screamin' Eagle Pro EFI Race Fueler Kit

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Tune the fuel flow on your EFI bike. The tuner can electronically add fuel in much the same manner as increasing jet size on a carbureted system. It allows for quick tuning for the addition of less restrictive free flowing intake and exhaust systems. The fueler offers bands of adjustment that take into account operating ranges, such as idle, acceleration, and steady speed. The fueler is a self contained unit that requires no computer interface. Adjustments are made by setting fuel, RPM and accelerator pump potentiometers, with changes monitored on LED indicators. The compact unit is designed for plug in installation, and the small size allows the fueler to remain on the bike for convenient tuning. Tuner affects fuel delivery only and can not change rev limit or spark timing. FOR RACE APPLICATION ONLY.

Fits: ‘01-04 EFI Softails, '95-04 EFI Touring, '04 EFI Dyna models, and '02-04 V-Rod models.